Pedicure machine foot row roller massager acupoints foot foot massager round plate mini 4 rows foot massage roller Spa Massage

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The plastic roller foot massager using the latest design, combined with human foot,so that usually difficult to massage the soles of the feet to the position of complete relaxation. Simply use your foot on the four wheels of different sizes, which can effectively massage bumps on foot various points massage can stimulate the soles of the feet blood circulation, it can make to alleviate pain, relax the body. Massages your reflex zones on your feet.Promotes metabolism and improves your blood circulation
Ease neuralgia. Helps you to recovery from fatigue. Boosting the body's immune system
Instructions for use:
1. In order to strengthen the effectiveness of this product , please use sitting on a chair
2. This product is just used will vary produce more sense pain. Proposal according to personal experience, mining gradual increase in the use of time .
3. Because of the different individual foot type , suggestions feet kept sliding up and down the stampede, adjust the massage position can be more effectively reach various foot massage points 
4. If you feel strongly stimulated to wear socks or covered with a towel to use.
5. marking the reflection area , roughly reference purposes only .
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 28×13.5×3 cm
Weight: 275g
Function: Improve blood circulation
Package Include:
1 * Plastic Roller Foot Massager.

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